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Mackeson Road


Project Details

£250,000 to £499,999


MW Architects Ltd

110 Endwell Road , London , SE4 2LX , United Kingdom

The owners of this Victorian terrace thought that the half storey level drop and consequential disconnection to the original kitchen was an insurmountable problem with this property. But having previously designed a new build house typology specifically to take advantage of the the split section concept, MW Architects immediately saw the potential. Our multi award winning new build houses at Essex Mews have three different levels, one for each of the main living functions of the modern house (eating, living and working) carefully arranged around a two storey void. Each level defines the individual spaces but the void connects them 3-dimensionally making them feel bigger and brighter through shared volume. We were able to apply the same idea here in this existing Victorian terrace. The side return was filled at the lower level to create a spacious kitchen and dining area that opened onto the garden through a steel framed screen. The bespoke plywood kitchen climbs up a second void and becomes storage for the study. A small new void in the centre of the house at the change in level creates a spacial connection between three different spaces. This simple move transformed three dark and pokey rooms into a dramatic, bright, and dynamic centre to a family home.