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Coastal Family Home


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New Build


hmad | architects

The Nook, Simmonds Place , Kingsmill Industrial Estate , Saunders Way , Cullompton , Devon , EX15 1BS , United Kingdom

The brief was to reimagine the layout of this North Cornwall house and provide additional bedrooms whilst retaining the external appearance. The layout was impractical for the Clients needs and they wanted to improve the connections to the gardens. The Client said: "hmad | architects were involved throughout the project from design concept, through planning consents in what is a protected area, choice of builders and suppliers, construction, hand-over and the subsequent rectification of what were very few, minor aspects of the build. As we did not live locally, having a local person on hand at all times who was also willing to set aside a whole day for us on those occasions when we did travel down, was vital. We would recommend them unhesitatingly. We have been delighted with the results and two years on the house works brilliantly, whether it is filled with family and their friends from school and uni, or whether it is just the two of us"