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Thirsk Cottage


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Finkernagel Ross Architects

221-222 Shoreditch High Street , London , E1 6PJ , United Kingdom

As a couple in search of a family-centric home, our clients were looking for a spacious and well-designed residence in London. Their appreciation of thought through design and architecture was inspired from their own family as our client’s father was an architect. Their keen eye for design and cost-conscious mindset, led them to choose us as their trusted consultants. The 40-year-old cottage had been lived in and adapted by various families previous, meaning that it sat on varying levels. The need to relevel and rationalise the space while modernising it for the current family was where our design thought process began. Our goal was to optimise the layout, streamlining the flow of the house and eliminate the need to navigate through dimly lit areas. In collaboration with the above, we were approached with a clear brief from the family, to create a welcoming and interconnected space that seamlessly blended the kitchen, family room and dining area as top priority. This space was to be the heart of the home, allowing for shared experience and quality family time. Secondary to the main hub of the house, our client wanted their own master suite and dressing room. By reconfiguring and expanding the space by extending the first floor, we have created a more luxurious, generous feeling space, improving the overall ambiance in their own private sanctuary. The private, fully detached site is full of tranquility surrounded by beautiful parkland situated just outside its back door. The beautiful scenery around our clients home, meant their desire to create a design that maximized the use of windows and glazing was a nonnegotiable, allowing them to soak in the breath taking views of the trees and nature surrounding them.