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Kensington Mews House

Kensington and Chelsea

Project Details

Listed Building - Grade II, Within a Conservation Area


Finkernagel Ross Architects

221-222 Shoreditch High Street , London , E1 6PJ , United Kingdom

As one of the most exciting cities in the world, London attracts people from all over, whether they come here to live full-time or only part of the year. This was indeed the case with our hotelier client who decided now was the time to take a part-time leap to new adventures in London. The ideal property didn’t need to be literally spacious – it just needed to feel spacious, and if it was centrally located with easy access to all that London has to offer, that would be welcomed too. But as is the case with a lot of our clients, the perfect house in the perfect location is not perfect. It became clear that once a property was found, an architect would be needed to help develop the layouts to be as efficient and spacious as possible. And that’s where we came in. Considerable experience in exactly this type of project meant that we were able to navigate our client through the mundane but necessary statutory issues – like Planning, fire escape, waterproofing, sprinkler systems and temporary structures – and give them a three-bedroom home that is light, bright and, most importantly, spacious in feel. Understanding how the house would be used allowed us to refine the efficiency of the layout so that doors and corridors were a thing of the past and all of the space could be enjoyed and used to its maximum potential. Being in the hotel industry would leave most people dazed and confused with so many options at their fingertips, but our client was very clear – elegant and serene simplicity was going to be the way forward. The consistent use of materials throughout the house and a fairly simple palette means that the house is calm, not busy, and the perfect retreat from all that a world-class city has to offer.