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Duas Gastronomia

Project Details

£0.5m to £0.99M


Bureau69 Architects

27 Market Square , David Greig Building , BROMLEY , BR1 1NA

In 2016 a Brazilian company, Duas Gastronomia, operating in the gourmet catering industry expressed the need to modify an existing and ongoing project. The program included the construction of a ground floor store, a reception area with dining table for tasting and a first-level industrial kitchen. During the project phase, it was also requested to build a second floor for a work-space. Due to the depth of the partly constructed building and insufficient light, the overall idea of the project was to excavate the volume and to place a hidden garden within that served as a relaxing space but also gave light to the surrounding areas. The same principle was adopted on the ground floor, keeping the pre-existing tree of Pitangueira and making it the main feature of the interior space.